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Gold Package
The Gold Package steps up the efforts to market your site and is designed to provide ongoing improvement in traffic and rankings. We will drive a no less than 25,000 visitors to your site in the first month!
Code: SEO-124
Product Description

The Gold Package is designed to get your web presence off to a fast start and then we continue to work with you on a monthly basis to improve your position and rankings. We will optimize your website with the latest techniques that will make your site extremely search engine friendly. In the process together we will create a set of keywords designed to drive traffic to your site that are the most relative to your business. We will then re-optimize your website on a monthly basis to make sure that it keeps or improves its position on the major search engines. We will create and market your social media presense adding likes and followers every month. We will post on twitter and facebook for you creating a "buzz" about your business. We wil submit multiple monthly articles and press releases (you provide the content) on your behalf to keep your site relevant and create fresh content, create blogs, provide monthly reports, and much more.